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26 April

Lost Dungeons of Norrath... Found!

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Lost Dungeons of Norrath Guide - TMO

Lost Dungeons of Norrath launches today!

There are many new potential experiences being added to Phinigel; if you are unaware and unprepared for all that is to come, I suggest checking out Zephon's new consolidated LDON guide to get yourself ready for a successful expansion.

If you have any questions about our intentions for the expansion, I encourage you to contact either Kaizo or one of the officers. As always, we want to make sure all our members enjoy the new expansion.

05 April

About Time

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Fennin Ro says, 'Impossible! How could the races of Norrath have traveled this deep into the Planes?!'
Xegony says, 'I regret that it has come to this. They leave us with little choice, however. We must fuse our powers together. Separately we are weakened, together we will halt their advances.'
Triumvirate of Water says, 'Unfortunate as it may be, I agree. We must call upon the beast we swore would never be needed.'
The Rathe says, 'Then let us begin. Let our abilities and powers meld into one. It shall be our final protector and savior. The only thing standing between us and non-existence'
Your head pounds from the amount of raw energy that begins to coalesce throughout the plane. Bright flashes of red, blue, green and brown begin to come into focus on one single point. A large towering beast begins to manifest itself. A horrible creation with all the powers from each elemental realm. Your body begins to shudder by the mere presence of this being.

Bring out your broadsword.
There's the hydra.
Slice his throat!
And grab his scroat.

Taking bids... Grats to the first time Quarm winners:

icon Silver Hoop of Speed race 7 class 9 Kuzy

icon Whorl of Unnatural Forces race 6 class 15 Meeseeks

icon Ethereal Silk Leggings race 2 class 14 Tade

The Mystic Order has vanquished Quarm, freeing Zebuxoruk and completing The Planes of Power! Time to celebrate! We've completed our destiny we've worked so diligently towards. Time for a nice relaxing brea...

There is a brilliant flash and you find yourself displaced through time and space. For a moment you lose touch with yourself. As you wake, you find yourself back in the Plane of Knowledge, moments after talking to Maelin with the information of retrieving the Quintessence of Elements. Druzzil has preserved the timeline, and restored existence back to its normalcy.

Right, A, Down, Right, A, Down


Wait what?

You have entered Plane of Knowledge.

Oh damnit! See ya all next week..

The Plane of Time

The Plane of Time is a mystery all in itself due to the cloud of endless energy that seems to envelop the entire plane. It is here that the gods of all realms reside in order to discuss their plans for Zebuxoruk who they have imprisoned for reasons unknown. The gods that represent the Planes of Influence and Nature have chosen to hold their meetings while trapped in time to discuss all relevant issues and to be free from any aggressors that may choose to attack them.

In the Plane of Time some creatures and mortals have remained for extremely long periods as a result of their curiosity or as a result of a punishment. Because of the resentment that these inhabitants have for those that are responsible for trapping them in time they are very eager to give whatever knowledge they can to aid adventurers in their exploration of the plane because one party's success may possibly lead to the liberation of all those trapped in the plane.

Armies and minions of unimaginable power reside in this plane serving as a last line of defense for any mortals that choose to defy the gods by trying to advance where it should not be possible. Once adventurers have chosen to progress towards the strongholds of these gods, they will certainly be greeted by monsters that are like nothing they have ever encountered before or been forced to defend themselves against.

The time bubble that holds Zebuxoruk is linked to four spires that are representing the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Here is some of the dudes who stood in our way...

Zebuxoruk, The Forsaken
Zebuxoruk is neither evil nor good. Some legends call him evil and others legends place him on the side of good. The other deities either dislike him or simply couldn't care less about him. Zebuxoruk was at some time mortal man, and trod upon the surface of Norrath after escaping the Plane of Justice or the Void. Mortality was either something forced upon him or something he may have wished for. Zebuxoruk is know as the Forsaken One, The Disgraced and other names among the pantheon of deities and heroes of the Outer Planes of Influence.

There is said to be a hidden city on Norrath that honor, not worship, the 'Ungod' Zebuxoruk, something not even truly cares for. The city has tales of his history both true and false, and the community is mostly comprised of fallen priests, shadowknights, paladins, and any who have been forsaken by their deities and either seek a pathway back or seek true neutrality. It is said that they believe that the deities are more mortal than they think.

Bertoxxulous, The Plaguebringer
Bertoxxulous has no allies. His followers often practice the dark art of necromancy, which he wholeheartedly supports. The Plaguebringer appears as humanoid hunchback draped in tattered, decaying robes. Under this hood can be seen a very handsome face attached tl he boy of a rotting corpse. He is enemies with Tunare, Rodcet Nife, Karana, Mithaniel Marr and Rallos Zek. He rules over the Plane of Disease.

Rallos Zek, The Warlord
As the God of war, Rallos Zek delights in the action and aggression of battle, valuing strength and victory above all. The Warlord deals swiftly and mercilessly with those who fail him, but rewards his champions greatly. He created the giants, ogres, orcs, and goblins – fierce beings who, like their lord, seek fighting and conquest.

The ogres once held dominion over much of Tunaria and even went so far as to invade the Plane of Earth, governed by The Rathe. In this campaign, they were joined by the other children of Rallos and were personally led by the deity himself. The greater gods turned back Rallos' army and then took vengeance on him by cursing his creatures. The ogres were struck with weak minds, unable to think and reason as they once had, while the giants were largely killed or dispersed.

Rallos resides in Drunder, the enormous fortress that dominates the western edge of the Plane of War. He occasionally goes to watch the chaotic battles of his plane, choosing the best of the warriors to serve him personally in his lair.

Cazic-Thule, The Faceless
Cazic-Thule is allied with Rallos Zek and Innoruuk, and is the enemy of Mithaniel and Erollisi Marr. Followers of the Faceless fear their Lord and believe that only by causing terror in others will they be spared his vengeful wrath. Fear rules their lives and through fear they rule the lives of others. Pain, misery, violence, torture, living sacrifice – these are the tools of a Cazicite. Many lizardmen tribes are devout followers of Cazic-Thule, but his number of humanoid followers rows daily, a cold shadow slowly engulfing the bright spots of Norrath in a nightmare of horror and pain.
Terris-Thule, The Dream Scorcher
This ghastly daughter of the Faceless, Cazic-Thule, the demi-goddess Terris-Thule has proudly lived up to her father's expectation. She is a master of the subconscious and all who enter the state of slumber are at her mercy. She is opposed by her twin brother, Morell-Thule, Lord of Dreams. Though the minds of sleeping mortals may waver between the realm of nightmares and the realm of dreams, eventually all fall to Terris' grasp.

Terris is tall and alluring in a terrifying way. Her skin is smooth and pale and her boney hands reach out with long, black fingernails. She wears a silk and lace black and violet gown that compliments the twilight sky around her. Her face is smooth -- no features mar its sleek surface other than two empty eye sockets. Her black hair gracefully tumbles down and about two massive brass horns at her temples.

Many have tried to forge words to prevent The Dream Scorchers' touch from tainting their subconscious, but all such attempts have ultimately proven to be in vain.
Terris enjoys the torture she can inflict on people when they are dreaming. Her twisted plane houses many horrible creatures that do her bidding and aid in her power to bring terror to dreams.
Those that have died in their dreams remain in their nightmare and are never able to leave the plane.
Innoruuk, The Prince of Hate
Innoruuk is allied with Rallos Zek and Cazic-Thule, and is the enemy of Quellious, Mithaniel Marr, and Erollisi Marr. Followers of Innoruuk, the Prince of Hate, include nearly the entire dark elven race, who regard him as their "Father." They believe that hate is a creative force, or rather "THE" creative force in the universe – creativity born of destruction. Love and kindness are tools for those too ignorant to know what they want or too cowardly to do what is necessary to obtain it. They believe it is only through the total disdain of your enemies that you can gain true power over them. Pity and mercy have no power when confronted with contempt and viciousness. It is the honest believe of the followers of Innoruuk that if they were too hate strong enough, they could destroy all of Norrath.

Wayfarers got just what I need

Wednesday, April 26th ~2pm PDT (5pm Guild Time)

Giant Bomb has a good high level overview.

race 4 class 10 Aziuno is positively freaking out on the forums.

Giant Bomb Overview

NOTE*: Limited Edition Rune Keychain No Longer Included

01 March

The Steps of the Elements

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Ascending the Tiers of Power

Planes of Power - Loading.... Please Wait...

You read this now and for your sake, I hope you do so in the heart of mere entertainment, for to take this information and use it to guide you into the realm of the gods… well, let's just say that I shall not be held accountable for what fate befalls you and those headstrong enough to follow in your footsteps.

Know that these entries are one that I have compiled through intensive research here in the Myrist, and little of it is of my own personal knowledge and experience. Yes, I have ventured beyond New Tanaan, but I have not gone far, nor do I intend to. The realms of the gods are not meant for mortal feet to tread upon, and I respect this unwritten law of the cosmos most gravely. I highly stress that this is a respect that all my readers learn to adopt.

The Planes of Power, the physical manifestation of the infinite realms of each divine entity that is known to govern the balance of chaos and order, of good and evil, of nature and corruption, and of wicked and kind, are far beyond our understanding. What I have found here in Myrist, despite the seemingly endless length of scrolls, parchment and tomes that, when placed spine to spine, stretch onward for an eternity, is that it all truly amounts to but a single grain of sand within a vast, endless ocean of desert. No mortal mind can comprehend these heavenly and hellish worlds, or their purpose, and none shall ever – for the divine are not meant to be understood by mortal hearts and thoughts, nor are they to be explained through mortal tongues. They are, and they shall forever be. This we cannot change, despite our individual or collective efforts to undo this law.

What we do know – the divine have shown us – is that there are three tiers of divinity which thrive, tiers that have been identified to us as the governing consciousnesses of the universe and its delicate mediums of balance. The first of these tiers is the realm of the demi-god – the divine entity closest to the mortal in its composition, demeanor and purpose, but still wholly divine in its existence. Many of these lesser gods are rumored to have once been mortals upon our very worlds – heroes and villains who have ascended through the graces of their patron gods, or through their own accord and achievements. For though they are the lesser of the divine triad, do not think them lesser than thee – for to do so would be a grave mistake and an unforgivable act of arrogance. They are lesser only in comparison to their creators, the second of the triad.

The gods of Nature and Influence, those whom we are most associated with upon our primal world of Norrath, are the second in the tier of divine power. They are extremely powerful beings with whom we identify our emotions, desires, and sentiments – although we do so in ignorance. Their true motivation, their true conscious thoughts, and reasons, are beyond our knowledge, they show us that which they wish to reveal. They give unto us that which we crave, for reasons known unto only them. Perhaps you are eager to meet them, to stand before the famed god of your home city or challenge the villain deity of your enemies. Know that you challenge but a shadow, for what is manifested – what is within our reach here – is but an unfathomable fraction of their infinite power and presence within the universe.

The third tier, the Great Gods of Elemental Power, comprises the most revered and unknown of our divine watchers and creators. They are gods of the gods, beyond our comprehension and reach forever - for even the deities of Nature and Influence are without explanation or thought as to these beings' meaning and existence.

However, there is possibly yet another tier, one previously unknown to us. This recent discovery – or assumption - is quite possible, for the infinity that is divine inhabit is far removed from our collective comprehension. What strikes interest in this possible tier – one that may perhaps be above those Elemental Power – is that there are no records of its existence here in Myrist, which is occurrence to be most respected and also held in dire concern. The possibility of a new manifestation previously unknown to mortal ideals of the cosmos in an exciting prospect indeed, but it is as deadly as it is intriguing. We know little of this new tier's purpose, for only in recent times as it manifested a presence accessible through mortal venture – but we hold a grave concern and constant watch for the unexpected because of it.

Be warned, my reader – my friend – for nothing good can come of this realm's manifestation when one places its appearance in conjunction with the chaos to enshroud us in the recent area. Many from New Tanaan have gone to investigate, to learn more to store within Myrist for others like yourself to experience in the safety of the library walls, but none of these scholars have returned since their leave of us. I highly stress that ye not venture onward in search of this mysterious presence, for such a quest will lead only to unfathomable and dire consequences of an immeasurable proportion.

If you must feed your thirst for conquest, battle and adventure that lies beyond primal reaches of our known universe, then I may only give you my blessing and sincere hope that the fates shall be tender in their watch over your journey. I hope that you may glean something that is not written here – perhaps another grain of sand in the endless sea - but I shall not place faith upon your return, or hope upon such a priceless discovery.

An endless road of countless possibilities lies before you within these pages. You may seek to venture and learn where I have fallen short, or you may choose to use this information to your advantage in a personal quest for power or a place at your own deity's side. Again, I have relieved myself of all responsibility to come of these works, and know that you venture forward from this point on through your own accord and convictions, and no others.

~ Maelin Starpyre
Grand Librarian of Myrist

Fun With Flags!

Fun With Flags! With Kaizo Cooper

The first test of a guild with Planar with ambitions excites only the staunchest vexillologists: FLAGS! With the aide of the fantastic guides authored by our very own race 6 class 14 Nildrach we made quick work ascending through the planes and earning those flags for all. To think we once bitched about keys... Great work to all on a smooth, though somewhat tedious ascent through the tiers of power; through our own tears of boredom. If you're missing something and don't know what, head over to the seer, grab a log file and paste it into this badass resource: http://www.alkabor.com/flags.html Now Time to bear the Elements!

Xita the Teenage Witch

29 January

Akhevan Nights

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Vex Thal - "Heart of Shadow"

The first and greatest of the goddess Luclin’s creations were the giant four-armed immortals called the Akheva.

Guardians of the moon, their powers were unchallenged by any other lunar race and they ruled a vast section of the moon’s dark side, in the region today known as the Maiden’s Eye. There, they built a mighty citadel called Ka Vethan.

For ages, they remained the most powerful force on the moon of Luclin, served by numerous other races (most notably the Centi clan of the tegi, who crafted many of the Akhevans’ greatest weapons).

Yet eventually the Akheva’s great culture fell, as so many do, because of greed and violence. The Akhevan high priestess, Akelha’ra, created a twin from her own blood and shadow. This twin, called Atenha’Ra, was to aid in the administration of Akhevan affairs. However, in the end all she brought was destruction.

In those days, the Akheva spoke a language called the Fleshless Tongue. While outsiders might learn to understand a handful of words, this language in its entirety is utterly incomprehensible to ordinary mortals. Yet many Akheva at that time chose to communicate directly with mortals in their own languages. Atenha’Ra, devoted to the service of Luclin and utterly convinced of Akhevan superiority, demanded that the practice be stopped and that

Akheva speak only the Fleshless Tongue. Akelha’ra resisted, and the Akheva began to split into rival factions.

Though to outsiders this might have seemed a trivial cause for conflict, to the Akheva it was a matter of deadly seriousness, and in time the rivalry between the followers of the two priestesses exploded into open warfare. The factions fought viciously, the members of each claiming that they were the true servants of the goddess.

The conflict raged for many years, and many Akheva perished. At long last, the priestess Atenha’Ra prayed to Luclin and summoned a great storm to destroy her rivals.

She got far more than she bargained for — the resulting tempest blasted the region and scoured it of life. Akelha’ra and many of her faction perished in the cataclysm, but in the end the war had no real victor, for both sides were devastated. As the storm subsided, Atenha’Ra led her people from the place, now called the Maiden’s Scar, and founded the citadel of Vex Thal. Those still loyal to Akelha’ra’s cause remained behind in the Maiden’s Scar, inhabiting the ruins of their old temple.

The rivalry between the two factions continues today, but neither has the numbers or the will to march on the other. Just the same, the rival strongholds — the Akheva Ruins and the deadly citadel of Vex Thal — remain two of the most dangerous places on the moon of Luclin.

Keepers of the Fleshless Tongue

Well holy shit! This completes our Tour of Luclin Series. It looks like we beat EverQuest.

Miss the rest of the ass-whoppings we handed out across Norrath's tidally locked satellite? Don't know your Tashakhi's from your T’sharnell's? Trying to figure out why everyone thinks this Seru dude is such a jerk? Check out the rest of our Tour of Luclin coverage!

Oh My GoD

After months of protest, appeals and resilient affirmations of intent, Gamebreak Games has reversed their stance on combining Gates of Discord and Omens of War! We will now be able to experience the expansion that John Smedley called, "SOE's worst mistake in five years," pure and unadulterated. In addition the full timeline for 2017 has been released:

Planes of Power & Legacy of Ykesha – Weds, February 1, 2017
Lost Dungeons of Norrath – Weds, April 26, 2017
Gates of Discord – Weds, July 19, 2017
Omens of War – Weds, September 13, 2017
Dragons of Norrath – Weds, December 6, 2017
Expansion content unlocks on Phinigel are scheduled for 2PM pacific time (5PM EST "Guild Time") on the day they’re to occur, unless there’s a reason the team needs to change a specific expansion unlock.

Ready to PoP!

Looking at the schedule, I noticed that it looks like Planes of Power is coming out in just a few short days. Can you believe it? It's too bad. I was really enjoying clearing the same bullshit trash for hours on end week in and out in Vex Thal! Truly thrilling content. 

Members should check out the awesome flagging guide race 6 class 14 Nildrach has put together for us at planes.themysticorder.com

Our aggresive raid schedule can be found at the top of that guide as well so check out the plans for the planes! TMO has built up incredible momentum over the past couple expansions and we fully intend to push that even harder coming into Planes of Power.

Thank you all for being a part of it and enjoying Luclin together. I personally found a new appreciation for this expansion that saw me quit the first time around and that's in no small measure due to the community we have here. Looking forward to PoPing super hard with all my favorite foxy ladies and cuteboys!

02 December

Toppling the Temple

Zephon 2 Comments

Hubris of the Shissar

Striking at Divinty

The Shissars were one of the great powers of antiquity on Norrath, though few traces remain of what was once a mighty empire dominating the continent of Kunark. They rose to power at some unclear point between the Age of Scale, dominated by the dragons, and the great Iksar empire – presumably the Shissar powers were a feature of the Elder Age of Norrath.

As often in the history of Norrath, it was hubris and a desire to challenge the gods that resulted in disaster.

The Shissars traditionally worshipped Cazic Thule , but as they came to dominate Kunark they started to think of themselves as greater than the God of Terror. To demonstrated this they enslaved the lizard-like Iksars , one of the races created by Cazic-Thule.

Whether the Shissars were themselves created by Cazic is unclear. Though their reptilian appearance and their taste for terror and necromancy are quite reminsicent of the God of Terror’s preferences, the Shissars themselves came to claim that they had been created instead by the primordial deity Veeshan , the crystal dragon.

It was also claimed that their perpetual emperor, the immortal and very powerful Shissar warrior Ssraeshza, was himself a demigod. Ssraeshza, the Shissar theologians claimed, was the very son of Veeshan and had created all Shissars from his own scales.

They also claimed that the other gods had grown jealous of the perfection and power of the Shissars, and had stolen Ssraeshza’s strongest divine powers.

The conflict between Cazic-Thule and the Shissar escalated, and the God of Terror may have been the one who pushed for the gods to release one of their weapons of mass destruction against the empire of the serpent-men of antiquity. The deadly, airborne disease was called the Greenmist and killed nearly all that it touched. Soon, the once-mighty empire was ravaged by divine plague.

Whom the Gods Would Destroy

This targeted extinction-level event was not entirely successful. Most Shissar mages were dead or dying, but the very knowledgeable Imperial Wizard T’sharnell still lived.

At the Emperor’s urging, he tried a desperate spell that didn’t quite produce the intended effects, but took him, the Emperor and perhaps a hundred shissar survivors to the moon of Luclin. Being largely defined by their slave-holding practices, they also brought as many thralls as they could.

The Shissars, once possessed of formidable arrogance, were at that point culturally traumatised and living in terror that the Greenmist would follow them to the moon. As their slaves toiled to create a fortress in the hostile environment on Luclin, T’sharnell created magical barriers against the Greenmist.

To be even safer, the Emperor ordered to create a gigantic vacuum around their fortress, which even the Greenmist would be physically unable to cross.

T’sharnell and lesser wizards were successful, and blasted the atmosphere out of a large area around the fortress. This region became known as the Grey, an airless mineral desert.

The haggard Shissars were now safe, but their culture ossified. The elder lamented the loss of their great empire, many of their slaves died off, and the youths grew up without having ever experienced the grandeur of the true Shissars.

The life in the mostly-underground fortress (defiantly called the Temple of Ssraeshza) was much simpler and harsher than the imperial life, and they still were afraid.

Meanwhile, on Norrath, the Iksars were free – and eventually assembled an empire rivalling that of their former masters at its height.

Threats Anew

During the Age of Turmoil, in the deepest levels of the Temple, a conflict erupted with a strange race of beings, called Thought Horrors by Humans. At first, T’sharnell’s wards could contain the things from the caverns below, but the wizard sacrificed his life essence to prevent the renegade shissar black magician Vyz’dra and his minions from overthrowing Ssraeshza.

This coup attempt left the loyal Shissars reeling — as the power of Vyz’dra had been great — and deprived them of many of T’sharnell’s more recent wards. Albeit the airless barrier remained at the surface, the Thought Horrors found it much easier to reach the Temple, and they launched a great underground assault against the snake-folks.

Though they had hordes of mind-slaves and burrower worms, the Thought Horrors had underestimated the cruel power of the Shissars, and were repelled. Still, their attack had inflicted serious losses to the serpent-men and their slaves.

The war between the brood of Ssraezsha and the Thought Horrors commanded by the terrible Overfiend continues to rage under the Temple – in the immense network of caverns called the Deep. Though dreams of conquest were again awakening in Emperor Ssraezsha’s alien mind, the losses from the Vyz’dra plot and the Thought Horrors onslaught made them impractical.

Furthermore, the reactivation of the Combine Spires on Norrath , allowing Norrathian to teleport to the moon of Luclin on a regular basis, created grave concerns that the gods would notice the Shissar survivors and sent the Greenmist anew to finish the job.

Loot eventicon90Emperor Ssraeshza (Emporer's New Groove - TMO), November 21, 2016

icon Azaliil's Ring of Analogies - race 11 class 13 Kaizo, 255 DKP
icon Spell: Garrison's Superior Sunder - race 14 class 14 Ammno, 48 DKP

Ssra Temple

The Ring of Scale Disposed - 11/19/2016

The Iksar had left the Dragon lands alone, but their threat was easy to see. The Dragon lords convened the Ring of Scale and argued about how to proceed. Trakanon, the large blue, advocated swift intervention on behalf of all races against the Iksar. However, Trakanon was voted down and the Ring of Scale decided to intervene only indirectly.

Trakanon and a number of the younger dragons decided more direct action was required. They conjured a squall at sea that destroyed Rile's warship while the King was on board. This action triggered a spectacular war among the Dragons that lasted for almost a half century. Since this Ring of Scale was, in all likelihood, responsible for the capture of our companion, we were understandably curious to learn as much as we could. Vanusk answered only one question with, "There are lesser dragons that fly across Norrath and pluck candidates for slavery to the Ring of Scale."

The Ring of Scale, a fracture group of the mighty Claws of Veeshan, made it's way to Kunark many ages ago. We totally forgot to kill them all so we went back to remedy that! The event was a lot of fun and made even better as we welcomed many new members into raiding with TMO.

The Realm of Luclin's Chosen

Vex Thal

As we reach the summit on the long stairway that was laid before us, we can see the horizon and it is bright and full of pixels.

VT Guides and Resources

Check out the Vex Thal Guide @ vt.themysticorder.com we have in development. Oh, wait, you don't have your key yet? Why not check out the VT Key Quest Guide @ vtkey.themysticorder.com!
(Note: These are for members only! You must be signed in)

Loot eventicon92Kaas Thox Xi Ans Dyek (KTXAD), December 1, 2016

icon Floating Rune - race 0 class 4 Marps, 86 DKP
icon Sandals of Contemplation - race 9 class 2 Naginni, 51 DKP
16 November

Felling of the Fallen

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The Tragedy of Khati Sha

The Kerran, Khati Sha, was the most accomplished of his kind. In serving the Great Uniter, King Vah Kerrath, he traveled the world of Norrath, seeking out mysteries and investigating threats to his kingdom. The animals of Norrath were his friends and allies; he spoke to the birds and sang with the wolves. He knew the secret language of the forest and the ways of the plains. He climbed the mountains beside the great goats and sheep that dwell there, and he fought alongside the mighty cave bears. He learned the wisdom of dragons and the hidden knowledge of the fey. In all these things, Khati Sha was the wisest of his kind. Many were the times that his devotion and learning saved our people from disaster.

When the Shifting brought the Kerran to this realm, Khati Sha was among the first to venture into the darkness beyond the city, to find safe routes across the Moon of Luclin. He first mapped Hollowshade Moor and learned the languages of the owlbears and the sonic wolves. He sought the great cats of Shadeweaver’s Thicket, rediscovered the lost path of the Beastlord and even ventured to the gates of dread Vex Thal.

Khati Sha returned to tell King Vah Kerrath of his discoveries, and the knowledge of the people grew. But having learned of the mysterious races of the light side of Luclin his curiosity overpowered his sense of self preservation. To the shores of the Twilight Sea and beyond he ventured, into the sun-baked wilderness of the Scarlet Desert, the crags of Mons Letalis, and beyond, to the airless waste that is called the Grey.

There he was lost. Hope dimmed with time and the Bards of King Vah Kerrath sang of his accomplisments in mournful eulogies.

The Shar Vahl and their king would be horrified if they knew the truth. In the Grey, Khati Sha was captured by the Shissar and taken to their temple, where he was subjected to unbelievable torments. Curious about the world’s newest inhabitants, the snake-folk twisted Khati Sha’s body and mind, transforming him into a cruel and terribly powerful creature of evil. Infected by the Shissars’ xenophobia and lust for further power, Khati Sha escaped from the Grey and wandered Luclin’s moon for a time, a twisted parody of the noble creature he had once been.

At length, he found his way back to the Mushroom Forest, where his people managed the thriving Acrylia Mines. In the depths of the mines, Khati Sha encountered a primitive race of bestial humanoids, which he dubbed grimlings. Handling the grimlings as cruelly as he himself had been manipulated by the Shissar, Khati Sha transformed them into a cruel, sadistic race bent on spreading death and suffering. By the thousands, the grimlings burst from the Acrylia Mines, slaying countless Vah Shir and driving the kerrans from the forest. Renamed the Grimling Forest, this realm is today a bloody battleground.

For their part, the grimlings worshipped their new leader as a god, who now called himself “Tashakhi,” a twisted version of his old name. Few, if any, have realized the similarities, though some newer grimling architecture is said to mirror the Vah Shir style of design — a fading remnant of Khati Sha’s old existence.

Today, Tashakhi is a brooding, skeletal being who dwells in the depths of the Acrylia Caverns, with the terrible powers of a malevolent godling, plotting with his grimling followers the ultimate conquest and destruction of his own people. Once the Vah Shir are utterly destroyed, Tashakhi intends to turn his insane wrath against the tegi and then the Combine refugees in Katta Castellum, Sanctus Seru, and Shadow Haven alike. Only then will he crush the Shissar, in a final and self-destructive act of vengeance against the race that turned him from hero into monster.

Loot eventicon80Thought Horror Overfiend (THO), November 15, 2016

icon Orb of Lost Souls - race 0 class 4 Marps, 5 DKP
icon Horns of Chaos - race 9 class 2 Naginni, 5 DKP

Loot eventicon81The Burrower Beast Event (TBBE), November 15, 2016

icon Bile Drenched Flesh Robe - race 14 class 14 Ammno, 190 DKP

All Hallow's Eve

Halloween happened to fall on a raid night this year and we decided what more appropriate place to celebrate than The Plane of Fear!

Many excellent items and relics of our past were picked up by members new and old. After all the scary movies we had enjoyed this season, we had decided to purge ourselves the dread by killing the God of Fear himself.

Cazic Thule

Costume Contest

As if we didn't all get enough of costume contests at work and the local bars, TMO hosted it's own. Thanks so much to all that particpated! The costumes were awesome! Surprising no one,  race 13 class 12 Anticide, and those foxy green tights took home the prize! Grats  race 13 class 12 Anticide on the icon Krono!

You can check out all the submissions (if you are a member) here!

Bonus EXP

The incompetent overlords of EverQuest bestowed a great gift across the land. Bonus EXP! Our members made the most of it; grinding AAs, leveling alts and recruiting new members like mad! Welcome all you new faces! We're so pleased to have you.

38 Characters Added
400 Levels Gained

Hell of a week. Please give the new members a warm welcome and continue to keep an eye out for promising prospects too add to our ranks.

Busy, Busy, Busy

We've been rocking out so hard I've lost track of all the goings-on, so here is a random smattering of some of the crap we've been up to...

Loot eventicon84High Priest of Ssraeshza (HP and the Sorcerer's Stone), November 10, 2016

icon Pearlescent Armlet - race 10 class 12 Somdood, 51 DKP
icon Sapphire Studded Mantle - race 5 class 15 Sarienna, 50 DKP
icon Wrath's Edge - race 0 class 10 Reclusive, 21 DKP
27 October

Seru Persued

Zephon 0 Comments

Revenge on the Arx

The Fall of the Combine Empire

Tsaph Katta, emperor of the troubled combine was holding a grand state banquet.

Almost all nations and tribes were in attendance. The dwarven, gnomish, and elven allies all had ambassadors on hand as did the belligerent Teir'Dal. Even the ogres and trolls were represented. All who received an invitation felt compelled to attend, such was the might and the power of the Combine.

As the guests entered the banquet hall, Katta was there to receive them. One guest came with a smile on his lips and poison in his hand. He had dusted his glove with empolomine, a slow-killing, hallucination-inducing drug. The guest extended his hand as Tsaph welcomed him to the banquet. With the handshake the fate of the Combine was changed.

Katta's reaction was more rapid and violent then most and he collapsed during the dinner, appearing as one possessed. Possessed by evil, some muttered.

The banquet hall was cleared, and only a trusted few were allowed to remain.
As Katta lay on the floor, dying, he spoke his last breath into the ear of his closest advisor, a fellow bard named Lcea. The druids then came and wove stasis spells to keep him alive, and put a deep sleep charm on him so that he would not have to endure pain and suffering. Then the elves of the forest came and took Tsaph away, to hide him within their realm so that no further attempts on his life would be possible.

As soon as word spread around the world that Katta was dead, the Combine Empire broke into a thousand tainted pieces. The petty arguments that had shattered the world before his coming resumed with even more passion. The elves continued to keep watch over the resting-place of Tsaph Katta while a few loyal officials , led precariously by Lcea, fortified the Loyalists last remnants.

The suspect? The once loyal Paladin of the Combine, who would come to be known as Lord Inquistor Seru.

Halloween Costume Contest

It's that special time of year when the gossamer veil between our world and the realm of the dead is at it's thinnest! Come particpate in our special Halloween Costume Contest. The most spooktacular submission will walk away with a icon Krono we just stole from race 11 class 13 Kaizo's account and there is nothing scary about that! The rules are just as loose as you'd expect coming from race 8 class 1 Snoogie: your IRL costume, in-game character, pet or childrens are all acceptable so get to submitting!

04 October

Snakes, Sarnaks, & Burritos! Oh My!

Snoogie 0 Comments

Our favorite game is Everquest - Battle Snakes....with bacon pancakes!

With Luclin opening up, we've moved our focus from velious into a full Moon drilling operation. Much like Armageddon, except without the asteroid ... and we're drilling snakes instead of rocks. 

I hear that Sarnak's favorite food is a burrito?

We all got a little bored while doing the Burrower Event & Thought Fiend, so we Sarnak suited up and goofed around abit!

08 September

Total Carnage

Kaizo 0 Comments

The Rallos Sticker

Who wants to be a Barbarian?  race 2 class 1 Daxyl apparently. Grats on guild first (and super rare) icon Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask!

Clearing the rest of Kael was quite fruitful too.

Loot eventicon40Derakor the Vindicator (Derakor), September 5, 2016

Loot eventicon52Statue of Rallos Zek (Statue), September 5, 2016

icon Iron Scroll of War - race 6 class 7 Neosprings, 21 DKP
icon Hammer of Battle - race 2 class 6 Hyddin, 5 DKP


Giants are cool, but we still love slaying dragons. What? Don't Believe me? 

Loot eventicon72Lady Mirenilla (Mirenilla), September 6, 2016

icon Mithril Boots - race 2 class 1 Daxyl, 45 DKP
icon Frostwrath - race 4 class 8 Arkonn, 43 DKP

Loot eventicon71Lord Koi'Doken (Koi), September 6, 2016

Loot eventicon63Ikatiar the Venom (Ikatiar), September 6, 2016

icon Poison Soaked Tunic - race 0 class 10 Xita, 5 DKP

Loot eventicon64Aaryonar (Aaryonar), September 6, 2016

icon Whitestone Shield - race 11 class 13 Kaizo, 3 DKP

Loot eventicon67Lord Vyemm (Vye), September 6, 2016

icon Dragonrib Club - race 2 class 6 Hyddin, 3 DKP
icon Orb of the Deep Sea - race 15 class 13 Yety, 11 DKP

Loot eventicon61Lord Feshlak (Feshlak), September 6, 2016

icon Amulet of the Storm - race 0 class 1 Slamfist, 9 DKP

Ducks of a Feather

They flock together I hear. Grats  and  race 6 class 7 Neosprings on their icon Scythe of the Shadowed Soul!

30 August

Avatar of doWned

Zephon 2 Comments

AoW Down!

Watch the kill shot here! (Thanks race 13 class 7 Cirice)

Congratulations to all of on our first Avatar of War kill! In spite of some pretty serious speed bumps, we managed to down him quite smoothly. Looking forward to put this guy on farm status especially considering how much he robbed us on loot!

Loot eventicon73Avatar of War (Avatar the Last Gender Bender (Who Knows What is Under that Cloth?)), August 29, 2016

icon Helmet of Rallos Zek - race 11 class 13 Kaizo, 53 DKP
icon War Bow of Rallos Zek - race 7 class 9 Ryeson, 167 DKP
icon War Bow of Rallos Zek - race 11 class 13 Kaizo, 20 DKP
icon War Bow of Rallos Zek - race 7 class 9 Terrapin, 5 DKP

Key Hunting

The third most common drop of the night (right after a bunch of lousy bows and a boatload of DKP!) had to have been the Keys! On the way we scored some pretty excellent loot too. Check it out:

Loot eventicon53King Tormax (King Borlax), August 29, 2016

icon Boots of the Storm - race 4 class 8 Arkonn, 14 DKP
icon King Tormax's Head - race 6 class 15 Vastov, 158 DKP
icon Wrist Guard of Thunder - race 13 class 6 BowlOFruit, 4 DKP

Loot eventicon40Derakor the Vindicator (Derakor the Unimpressive), August 29, 2016

icon Chestplate of Vindication - race 4 class 8 Arkonn, 1 DKP
icon Torn Enchanted Silk Robe - race 5 class 4 Ciladen, 32 DKP

Loot eventicon60Idol of Rallos Zek (Kaizo says, "You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them or serve them.";), August 29, 2016

Loot eventicon58Zlandicar (KlanZlan Dicar), August 29, 2016

icon Harla Dar's Talisman - race 6 class 14 Allilia, 100 DKP
icon Zlandicar's Heart - race 1 class 7 Ranari, 21 DKP
icon Gauntlets of Mortality - race 15 class 13 Yety, 1 DKP

25 August

Avatard of War

Zephon 0 Comments

Mobile EQ

A real God-send for our casual crew (and Poke'mon Go players alike) Mobile EQ has lead to a major spike in guild turn-out! If you haven't yet invested in this incredible technology, we highly recommend you do so! You'll get to play on the go and are guaranteed to be the envy of every kid on the block.

(Perhaps if  race 11 class 13 Kaizo had went this route instead of buying some sort of IKEA spaceship desk he lacks the skills to assemble we would have had our leader this weekend...)

Avatard of War

As fun as chasing your tail around NToV can be, we decided it was time to work on adding more kills to our board. It's amazing to think how short a time ago it was that Vindy and King Tormax presented a real challenge for us. We watched as they, and their friends, melted into a soupy pile of loot. Yum! 

With our Ancient Songfist in place, we puckered our butts and brought in the Avatar. Slow and steady wins the raids they say, but in our case it got us to 18%. We recovered gracefully though and were able to nab him back before his despawn! Although reinvigorated, we all kind of expected some diminishing returns and we simply lost the war of attrition around 60%. Damn you Avatar! Next week....

Check this sucker out Full Reso here! It's pretty awesome. Thanks for capturing it race 13 class 12 Anticide!

Loot eventicon53King Tormax (KT (Not Kel'Thuzad)), August 22, 2016

icon King Tormax's Head - race 14 class 5 Zenno, 140 DKP
icon Wrist Guard of Thunder - race 13 class 6 DeadlyFist, 40 DKP
icon Orb of the Infinite Void - race 6 class 14 Nildrach, 20 DKP

Snake Eyes!

Members have been cracking out epics with mad vigor wrapping up the difficult ones on their mains and decking out their alts. Special grats to  race 1 class 4 Raxdin and  race 6 class 4 Salandra on our first two icon Staff of the Serpent!

Here fishy, fishy, fishy...

Koi'Doken is a stingy, stingy fish and I would enjoy him more as a Calfornia Roll. Anyways, some other things are dropping stuff. Here's what we got recently:

Loot eventicon71Lord Koi'Doken (Lord Nishikigoi), August 16, 2016

Loot eventicon67Lord Vyemm (Lord Knockback), August 16, 2016

icon Vyemm's Left Eye - race 13 class 11 Zercon, 28 DKP

Loot eventicon64Aaryonar (Aaaaaryonar), August 16, 2016

icon Circlet of Summer - race 6 class 15 Vastov, 52 DKP
icon Mask of Fall - race 10 class 12 Somdood, 11 DKP
icon Katana of Pain - race 15 class 13 Yety, 2 DKP

Loot eventicon59Eashen of the Sky (Eashen - Innate-ly Difficult), August 16, 2016

icon Cloak of the Sky - race 13 class 12 Anticide, 92 DKP
icon Claw of Lightning - race 0 class 10 Xita, 237 DKP

Loot eventicon72Lady Mirenilla (Lady M for Mithril), August 16, 2016

icon Mithril Helm - race 3 class 12 Skyseer, 98 DKP
icon Orb of the Crimson Bull - race 4 class 15 Tholus, 44 DKP

Loot eventicon62Dagarn the Destroyer (Dagarn the Destroyer), August 18, 2016

icon Dagarn's Tail - race 15 class 13 Yety, 3 DKP

Loot eventicon65Lord Kreizenn (Lord Kreizenn), August 18, 2016

icon Bow of the Silver Fang - race 7 class 9 Ryeson, 1 DKP
icon Silver Disk - race 8 class 1 Snoogie, 35 DKP

Loot eventicon66Jorlleag (Jorlleag), August 18, 2016

icon Earring of the Icecaster - race 6 class 4 Salandra, 40 DKP
icon Earring of the Icecaster - race 6 class 15 Meeseeks, 35 DKP
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