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The Mystic Order - EverQuest Time Locked Progression Server Guide

Time Locked Progression

The new life-blood for EverQuest is certainly their Time Locked Progression servers. The first such server was Combine launching back in 2006. The rules and set up of these servers has been refined over time, but what remains the same is they release their expansions over time. Our guild started on the Phinigel time locked progression server during Classic and has been rocking out ever since. When first joining the server however, there were a lot of changes we had to learn over time.


Classic vs. Progression

When coming to these servers, I initially was very frustrated. Being a huge fan of the classic era and of the Project 99 fan server, I found many changes I did not care for. Initially, I was very unhappy with it's lack of fidelity to the Classic experience. An old friend sent me a tell reminding me that the intention of this server was not to emulate Classic as Project 1999 does, but rather, to provide a progression experience including the game's many modern quality of life changes. Keeping this distinction in mind is critical. This guide should help you in discovering some of the changes that are in place and help you better navigate Norrath on a progression server.

This guide is made generic to hopefully help with all future TLP servers that are launched. That said, we are building this guide to aid individuals coming over to the new Agnarr server launching on 5/25/2017. It should be noted that this incarnation of The Mystic Order will NOT be participating on Agnarr in an official capacity (altough a few intend on making some money on the Krono market). You can find some really awesome information specific to Agnarr and get a good idea of what to expect from Starshape's guide on the DBG forums here.

Keep in mind; both Phinigel and Agnarr are what they call "True Box" servers. This means, you are allowed to box, play multiple accounts / characters at the same time (unlike Project 99 on which doing so will get you banned in quick order), so long as each character is being played on a separate computer. If you are looking to run a mage box army, then perhaps Lockjaw or Rage Fire are the servers for you.


Expansion Progression

Thus far, all progression servers began with only original launch content. Depending on the server rules, content unlocks over time. Here is the list of expansions (including known Phinigel Releases and Level Caps).

Title Phinigel Date Original Date Phinigel Cap Original Cap
The Ruins of Kunark 3/1/2016 4/24/2000 60 60
The Scars of Velious 5/25/2016 12/5/2000 60 60
The Shadows of Luclin 9/28/2016 12/4/2001 60 60
The Planes of Power 2/1/2017 10/29/2002 65 65
The Legacy of Ykesha 2/1/2017 2/25/2003 65 65
Lost Dungeons of Norrath 4/26/2017 9/9/2003 65 65
Gates of Discord 7/19/2017 2/10/2004 65 65
Omens of War 9/13/2017 9/14/2004 70 70
Dragons of Norrath 12/6/2017 2/15/2005 Unknown 70
Depths of Darkhollow Unknown 9/13/2005 Unknown 70
Prophecy of Ro Unknown 2/21/2006 Unknown 70
The Serpent's Spine Unknown 9/19/2006 Unknown 75
The Buried Sea Unknown 2/13/2007 Unknown 75
Secrets of Faydwer Unknown 11/13/2007 Unknown 80
Seeds of Destruction Unknown 10/21/2008 Unknown 85
Underfoot Unknown 12/15/2009 Unknown 85
House of Thule Unknown 10/12/2010 Unknown 90
Veil of Alaris Unknown 11/15/2011 Unknown 95
Rain of Fear Unknown 11/28/2012 Unknown 100
Call of the Forsaken Unknown 10/8/2013 Unknown 100
The Darkened Sea Unknown 10/28/2014 Unknown 105
The Broken Mirror Unknown 11/18/2015 Unknown 105


Group Level Limits

When grouping, you will only gain experience if all members are within a certain level range. Until level 10, the algorithm the is your current level + 5. After that point the equation becomes your current level * 1.5 + 1. If this results in a fraction, it is truncated (rounded down). This table makes it easy to understand:

Level Max Note Level Max Note Level Max Note Level Max Note
1 6   14 22   30 46   46 70 Omens of War Max
2 7   15 23   31 47   47 71  
3 8   16 25   32 49   48 73  
4 9   17 26   33 50 Classic Max 49 74  
5 10   18 28   34 52   50 76 The Serpent's Spine Max
6 11   19 29   35 53   51 77  
7 12   20 31   36 55   52 79  
8 13   21 32   37 56   53 80 Secrets of Faydwer Max
9 14   22 34   38 58   54 82  
10 16   23 35   39 59   55 83  
11 17   24 37   40 61 Kunark Max 56 85 Seeds of Destruction Max
12 19   25 38   41 62   57 86  
13 20   26 40   42 64   58 88  
14 22   27 41   43 65 Planes of Power Max 59 89  
15 23   28 43   44 67   60 91  
16 25   29 44   45 68   61 92  

Death Penalties

Death penalties have been modified from what you might remember from Classic or Project 99.

  • For the first 5 levels (until level 6) you will not lose any experience on death.
  • Experience lost upon death from level 6 and on is equal to 25% of the total experience required to obtain the previous level (this is classic functionality and is unconfirmed for new servers).
  • When dying, you will return to your bind spot. Your bind spot defaults to your home city. After that, you will need to obtain a bind to set a new bind location. The following methods can be used to bind yourself:
    • Certain caster classes can bind themselves by utilizing the Bind Affinity spell at any location with the exception of a few specifically flagged locations (such as the firepot room in Timorous Deep)
    • Melee and other classes unable to cast Bind Affinity can obtain a bind in any city (and a few other specifically flagged locations) from a caster that has the Bind Affinity spell. The caster and recipient must be in a group for this to work to avoid trolling.
    • Soulbinders are special NPCs that were added later in EverQuest's life span, but have been present on TLP from launch. They can be found in all starting cities as well as a few other locations around Norrath.
  • Unlike the good old days, when death meant a naked run to your corpse to recover your items, upon death you will keep all your items on your character. You will still create a corpse at the point of death, however, so you can receive a Resurrection from another player which will recover some of the experience you lost and summon you to your corpse.
  • Another nice quality of life change is your currently memorized spells will remain on your spell bar through death and will not need re-mesmerization.
  • From Planes of Power on, Graveyards were added to zones. These are specifically designated areas of the zone in which your corpse will pop to after a set amount of time. This is to make it easier to recover a corpse from hard to reach spots of the zone.


Spell Mesmerization Right Click Context Menu

One Quality of Life change that can save you a lot of time is the right click spell context menu. With an empty spell gem selected, Right Click with the mouse to open the context menu. Here you will find all your known spells organized under different categories. The spells are organized by level, descending. This makes it easy to ensure you are using the best rank of a specific spell.

Additionally you can save Spell Sets by Right Clicking the Spell Book icon and selecting "Save spell set" then providing it a name. You can follow the same steps to "Load a spell set," allowing you to keep and utilize different sets for specific scenarios.

EverQuest Right Click Spell Menu



Another incredibly useful Quality of Life addition is access to the Origin ability from level 5. Once you've obtained level 5, open the Alternate Advancement Window (Default Hotkey: V) and "purchase" Origin. It doesn't cost anything. Once purchased, click "Create Hotkey" to add it to your bar. This incredibly useful ability will teleport you to your starting city after a quick cast time. This ability has a 18 minute cooldown so you can use it quite frequently. This addition is particularly useful for melee to escape the depths of dungeons once your group is complete. Hearthstones for all! No more beating on your friends for a icon Worker Sledgemallet proc!



One of the more controversial additions is maps. By default, your installation will come with a few maps included. These maps mostly cover starting cities and newbie hunting areas. That said, it's easy to add maps for all the zones that include tons of incredibly useful Points of Interest. Historically most people utilized the Map Fiend set of maps. This site has been MIA for about a year now, however, we continue to host it here. That said, there is a much better option that we recommend called Brewall's Map Pack. This is a much better set as it has many more POIs and is much more accurate. I also recommend checking out Brewall's website as he has some interesting information there.

To install, first download Brewall's Map Pack, then extract all of the files to the maps folder in your EverQuest directory. If prompted, overwrite any existing files as Brewall's will be better. Your installation directory will vary depending on your installation, but most recent installations of EverQuest will likely be something like C:\Users\Public\Daybreak Game Company\Installed Games\EverQuest\maps


Phat Loots

EverQuest is all about those sweet sweet pixels, but with so many awesome items, how are you to know what to get? Well, lucky for you, we've collected some of the best resources on the interwebz to help you get gear'd up fast! The first stop that I recommend for the EverQuest Trilogy era (Class, Kunark, Velious) is the Project 1999 wiki. It's worth noting that some items have been modified since their information was collected (the addition of Focus effects we'll touch on shortly) but is still a great resource to utilize. Head over to the Classes page, select your class and prepare yourself for some great recommendations on gear to pick up. For most classes they have break-downs for group / purchasable gear and later, raid gear.

Once you've identified a good starting set, it's time to focus in on that Best in Slot. A great resource for that is EQ Items (eqitems.com) which is found in our Resources tab of this site or you can click here. Set your Race, Class, the current expansion, level and any other setting you may want to toggle and give it a quick search. It will present you a list of the top 10 items for each slot. Of course, this tool is using an algorithm to determine BiS. Due to this, you may find some inaccuracies as it weighs certain factors differently. That said, it will provide you with a fantastic starting spot to build that dream gear list.

Later on, when you make your break onto the raid scene, you're going to want to know what to keep an eye out for in each zone. Again, in our Resources tab, you'll find the best solution: RaidLoot.com. On this site, you select the zone you are heading to from the left bar and can view all the loot broken down by the bosses that drop them. On the right hand side you can set some filters so you can, for example, limit it to only items your class can utilize.

enr4ged has recently been updating his EQStats.net site, and it's becoming quite awesome for Items and Spells!

Eventually, Velious will unlock your on your server and you may decide to pick up some Velious quest armor. I find Project 99 wiki's page to still be the best for this. You can find that here.


Focus Effects


If you're coming from Classic or Project 99, you won't be familiar with Focus Effects, but you should certainly keep an eye out for them! These are bonuses added to certain items, even classic items, that can have a huge impact on your character's overall power.



Finding accurate up-to-date spells lists is very difficult as Game Break Studios has been shifting around spells and updating them here and there. Overall, spells have been re-distributed so you are earning spells more spaced out instead of waiting so many levels in-between obtaining new ones. The EQ Items BiS site also has a Spells list that's still in testing. You use the site the same way, but click the "Spells" button instead.

My personal favorite, however, is Xanada's Progession Spell List which can also be found in our resources section.

EQ Resource is another great one to check out.

Reminder, enr4ged has recently been updating his EQStats.net site, and it's becoming quite awesome for Items and Spells!


DX9 Model "Upgrade"

Halfling Model Comparison

One of the greatest travesties of EverQuest was the DirectX 9 Model Upgrade that came with Shadows of Luclin. We were given new models that all walk bull-legged, lean forward unnaturally and mesh poorly with the enviroments. Regrettably, over time they became all but required as they stopped adding new textures to the old models and things like custom helms and other customization was no longer offered. Recently DBG added the ability within the Alt+O options menu to utilize mounts with the old models, but no animations were added so it looks incredibly silly. I'm a big fan of the old models (if you couldn't tell) but I feel eventually you have to give in and switch to the Luclin models. You can select your preferred model type on a Race / Gender level which is a nice touch. This can be done from the Launcher configuration menu, however, this menu has not been updated in a long time and doesn't support modern resolutions which it sets in the process. This can lead to some really nasty problems that are hard to resolve, so the best method is modifying the eqclient.ini file. This file can be found in the EverQuest directory. Right Click the file and select Open With -> Notepad. At the top of the file you will find variables such as "UseLuclinHumanMale=FALSE" change the value to TRUE and save to utilize the new horrid models.

Bonus: I also recommend setting Log=1 in this file which will then automatically turn on your logs and remove the need to type /log on in game. I'll touch on some great functionality that relies on Logs later in this guide.


Revamped Zones - Nyohmy Freeport

Zones that were graphically revamped (Freeport, Commonlands, Nektulos, Lavastorm, Ro) will be in their revamped form. Our progression servers have to co-exist with live servers, so we need to have the same geometry running on all of them. In cases where the geometry was the same but population changed, we will use the original populations where possible:
Splitpaw - Will begin in its first revamped form (with the Ishva Mal).
Cazic-Thule - Will begin in the form after Rubicite was removed.
The Hole - Will begin in its first form (with Master Yael).
Plane of Hate - Will be in the current layout, but with population much like the original zone after the first loot revamp.
Plane of Fear - Will have population the same as the first loot revamp.
Droga/Nurga - Original population.
Firiona Vie - Original population.
Veeshan's Peak - Original population, but no death restrictions.
Plane of Mischief - Original population. The "easy" entrance will not be active until it changes to the current version.
Grimling Forest - Original population.
Zones that are set up in this manner will transition to their current datasets in roughly the same timeframe as they originally changed.
EverQuest Freeport Original vs Revamp

Advanced Loot Window

The Advanced Loot Window replaced the original looting method and at first it can be quite intimidating and confusing. After some time with this menu however, I believe you'll find it quite useful and wonder how you lived without it. By default, the window will appear anytime a creature is "looted", but you can also pull it up at any time by typing the command /advloot.

If you're sick of it popping up everytime something it looted, you can minimize it on the top left of the window.

There is a lot to cover, so why don't you check out our awesome member race 13 class 12 Erasmus's video guide over there >>>

Pick Your Pick!

These new TLP servers sure are popular! So popular, in fact, that the population usually swells well beyond the original EverQuest target of ~1,200 concurrent users, often running about 4x that goal. That means a lot of competition for camps! Luckily, many zones utilize the Pick System. This system creates a new instance of the zone / dungeon once the population hits a certain threshold. This is totally dependent on zone, but is generally somewhere around 40 players. To find out if picks are currently available, open the selection menu by typing the command /pick. If more than one is available, you'll be presented with a list. The primary pick will have no number associated with it and is colloquially referred to as "pick one," "main pick," or "prime." When joining or forming a group, be sure to specify the pick or check by doing a "/who all" which will list the pick number along with the zone name. Picks will collapse as the population drops forcing your group to switch over. Any corpses left will be moved to the main pick. When moving between picks, there is a cooldown of 300 seconds, so make sure you are communicating with your group and everyone is on the same page! Sometimes groups will hop between picks keeping their camp down in multiple picks. There is nothing wrong with that, but play nice if a group moves in and wants a camp to themselves!

Agent of Change - Death of the Batphone!

The biggest Quality of Life change that very well could save you from divorce is the Agent of Change, or instanced raiding. No more 4am Batphones dragging you out of bed for a Lord Nagafen kill. Once a raid party is formed, your raid will proceed to a special NPC known as the Agent of Change. They are generally found in the zone adjacent to the raid zone. Every member of the raid party will speak with this NPC to enter a special instanced version of the raid zone. These instances have no respawns, but all the bosses and loot you desire! Certain Agents will have multiple raid zones on their list. For example, the Agent in Eastern Wastes on the ramp to Kael offers Kael Drakkel, Sleeper's Tomb, and Great Divide as potential raid instances. You can Hail them and go through their dialogue to determine what keyword to say, however for all Agents with only one instance, the keyword is "ready." If they have multiple, saying "ready" will bring you to the top menu with all options listed so I always recommend stating "ready" and working from there. Often, people can't determine why an Agent will not allow them into the raid zone. This may be coupled with a response such as "the way is too dangerous" There is a few main reasons for this:

  • The expedition has not been started! You must wait for the Raid Leader to invite all Raid Members (Alt+R to see Raid Window) to the Expedition (Alt+Z to see Expedition Window) and begin the expedition.
  • Entering too soon! It takes a moment for the instance to be created on the server. Just have a little patience and try again.
  • You're invisible! The Agent of Change can't see you! Drop invisibility.
  • You do not meet the requirments. Perhaps there is a level or key requirment you are missing. Speak with your Raid Leader to find out.

This is one of the biggest single changes to EverQuest. You might miss the rush of First to Engage or all the bonus DKP you earned tracking mobs, but being able to raid on your schedule with guaranteed bosses and no respawns is quite the treat, and I'm sure your signifcant other will agree!

For the classic era you can find the following Agents:

  1. Phinigel Autropos - Dagnor's Cauldron - Center /top of island in the middle
  2. Lord Nagafen - Lavastorm Mountains - North west corner of large lava basin
  3. Lady Vox - Everfrost Peaks - Just right of Permafrost castle
  4. Plane of Fear - The Feerrott - As you enter the "portal" room in hidden caves, directly to the left by large rock
  5. Plane of Hate - South Ro - East side of oasis lake (spectre island) on shore
  6. Plane of Sky - Freeport - Near the docks

Check out race 13 class 12 Erasmus's awesome guide on the Agent of Change for more information.

The Raid Window

When raiding it's important to understand the Raid Window and how to use it. You can pull up the Raid Window with the default command Alt+R. Once again, race 13 class 12 Erasmus has put together an awesome video covering all aspects of this powerful too.


GamParse - or The Unexpected Joy of Parsing

Earlier I mentioned turning on your logs and now I'd like to cover one of the greatest reasons for doing so -GamParse. This awesome program by Gamanem reads your log files to provide you with tons of information. You can parse your fights individually or grouped together, compare your DPS with others, organize and search your chats, check your parcels, loots, factions and so much more. You can create charts and graphs to display the information or export the data to paste it into EverQuest chat for bragging rights. It's worth mentioning that it can only pick up information that it "sees" meaning range is incredibly important. If you are a caster, you are not likely to get a very accurate read out, but it can still be a great starting point. Finally know what weapon is doing the most DPS or nail down that spell rotation to ensure you're being as efficient as possible.


More to Come!

There is so much more coming soon to this guide so make sure you check back! I'll be announcing the updates and changes on the various places you can find this guide across the internets. In the meantime, how about one more awesome video? In this one, race 13 class 12 Erasmus comments on Agnarr's FAQ and provides more in-depth information and opinions.

Anything you wanna see? Feel free to post in the comments below, on our forums or email me at zephon@themysticorder.com!


nice guide. I would mention that truebox means you can box IF you have multiple computers; one account per computer. Also maybe throw in the heroic mod merge with shielding stuff, i just learned about this :o

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