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Felling of the Fallen

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The Tragedy of Khati Sha

The Kerran, Khati Sha, was the most accomplished of his kind. In serving the Great Uniter, King Vah Kerrath, he traveled the world of Norrath, seeking out mysteries and investigating threats to his kingdom. The animals of Norrath were his friends and allies; he spoke to the birds and sang with the wolves. He knew the secret language of the forest and the ways of the plains. He climbed the mountains beside the great goats and sheep that dwell there, and he fought alongside the mighty cave bears. He learned the wisdom of dragons and the hidden knowledge of the fey. In all these things, Khati Sha was the wisest of his kind. Many were the times that his devotion and learning saved our people from disaster.

When the Shifting brought the Kerran to this realm, Khati Sha was among the first to venture into the darkness beyond the city, to find safe routes across the Moon of Luclin. He first mapped Hollowshade Moor and learned the languages of the owlbears and the sonic wolves. He sought the great cats of Shadeweaver’s Thicket, rediscovered the lost path of the Beastlord and even ventured to the gates of dread Vex Thal.

Khati Sha returned to tell King Vah Kerrath of his discoveries, and the knowledge of the people grew. But having learned of the mysterious races of the light side of Luclin his curiosity overpowered his sense of self preservation. To the shores of the Twilight Sea and beyond he ventured, into the sun-baked wilderness of the Scarlet Desert, the crags of Mons Letalis, and beyond, to the airless waste that is called the Grey.

There he was lost. Hope dimmed with time and the Bards of King Vah Kerrath sang of his accomplisments in mournful eulogies.

The Shar Vahl and their king would be horrified if they knew the truth. In the Grey, Khati Sha was captured by the Shissar and taken to their temple, where he was subjected to unbelievable torments. Curious about the world’s newest inhabitants, the snake-folk twisted Khati Sha’s body and mind, transforming him into a cruel and terribly powerful creature of evil. Infected by the Shissars’ xenophobia and lust for further power, Khati Sha escaped from the Grey and wandered Luclin’s moon for a time, a twisted parody of the noble creature he had once been.

At length, he found his way back to the Mushroom Forest, where his people managed the thriving Acrylia Mines. In the depths of the mines, Khati Sha encountered a primitive race of bestial humanoids, which he dubbed grimlings. Handling the grimlings as cruelly as he himself had been manipulated by the Shissar, Khati Sha transformed them into a cruel, sadistic race bent on spreading death and suffering. By the thousands, the grimlings burst from the Acrylia Mines, slaying countless Vah Shir and driving the kerrans from the forest. Renamed the Grimling Forest, this realm is today a bloody battleground.

For their part, the grimlings worshipped their new leader as a god, who now called himself “Tashakhi,” a twisted version of his old name. Few, if any, have realized the similarities, though some newer grimling architecture is said to mirror the Vah Shir style of design — a fading remnant of Khati Sha’s old existence.

Today, Tashakhi is a brooding, skeletal being who dwells in the depths of the Acrylia Caverns, with the terrible powers of a malevolent godling, plotting with his grimling followers the ultimate conquest and destruction of his own people. Once the Vah Shir are utterly destroyed, Tashakhi intends to turn his insane wrath against the tegi and then the Combine refugees in Katta Castellum, Sanctus Seru, and Shadow Haven alike. Only then will he crush the Shissar, in a final and self-destructive act of vengeance against the race that turned him from hero into monster.

Loot eventicon80Thought Horror Overfiend (THO), November 15, 2016

icon Orb of Lost Souls - race 1 class 4 Marps, 5 DKP
icon Horns of Chaos - race 9 class 2 Naginni, 5 DKP

Loot eventicon81The Burrower Beast Event (TBBE), November 15, 2016

icon Bile Drenched Flesh Robe - race 14 class 14 Ammno, 190 DKP

All Hallow's Eve

Halloween happened to fall on a raid night this year and we decided what more appropriate place to celebrate than The Plane of Fear!

Many excellent items and relics of our past were picked up by members new and old. After all the scary movies we had enjoyed this season, we had decided to purge ourselves the dread by killing the God of Fear himself.

Cazic Thule

Costume Contest

As if we didn't all get enough of costume contests at work and the local bars, TMO hosted it's own. Thanks so much to all that particpated! The costumes were awesome! Surprising no one,  race 13 class 12 Anticide, and those foxy green tights took home the prize! Grats  race 13 class 12 Anticide on the icon Krono!

You can check out all the submissions (if you are a member) here!

Bonus EXP

The incompetent overlords of EverQuest bestowed a great gift across the land. Bonus EXP! Our members made the most of it; grinding AAs, leveling alts and recruiting new members like mad! Welcome all you new faces! We're so pleased to have you.

38 Characters Added
400 Levels Gained

Hell of a week. Please give the new members a warm welcome and continue to keep an eye out for promising prospects too add to our ranks.

Busy, Busy, Busy

We've been rocking out so hard I've lost track of all the goings-on, so here is a random smattering of some of the crap we've been up to...

Loot eventicon84High Priest of Ssraeshza (HP and the Sorcerer's Stone), November 10, 2016

icon Pearlescent Armlet - race 10 class 12 Somdood, 51 DKP
icon Sapphire Studded Mantle - race 5 class 15 Sarienna, 50 DKP
icon Wrath's Edge - race 0 class 10 Reclusive, 21 DKP


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