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More Than A Year and a Half

October 23, 2017 - written by Zephon at 10:48 • 2 Comments

Over A Year and a Half

Wow! It's amazing to think that we've all been together enjoying the sights and challenges of Norrath together for over a year and a 1/2 now. Some real relationships have been formed and others lost. We remember those that came along and contributed, those who are new, those who have returned, and all those in between. You know, this Guild was formed as a dream, a dream to have a tight knit group of people that effectively and efficiently took down content well keeping things fun and exciting. We wanted to be a Beacon of good behavior and bring back that classic play nice collaborative spirit that EverQuest once had. To that extent I think we have been largely successful. We have contributed to the community and many of our members exemplify that spirit. I thank you all for contributing to our image. Looking back on this year and a 1/2, I want to thank race 11 class 13 Kaizo for all he did for us and keeping us together and getting us to this point. I'm extra thankful for race 6 class 15 Meeseeks, race 7 class 10 Dailor, race 13 class 6 Ginix, race 9 class 2 Naginni and race 1 class 4 Raxdin. Thank you guys for really stepping up and keeping the ship on course. Thank you to race 8 class 1 Snoogie and race 13 class 7 Zephon (someone else added that! I swear!) for spending so many countless hours building us up and getting us to this point. And thank you to each and every one of you both past and present and even future. We look forward to continuing our success into future expansions and keeping this gaming community together and thriving.

In that spirit, here's our first Vox kill! What a way we've come. 

Halloween Time!


The veil that keeps us from the horrors lingering in the great beyond is nearing it's weakest point! Let us all enjoy as our women dress as sexy nurses and Donald Trumps. 

Members can check out the forum here!

I hope everyone has a great holiday and really parties it up, but not too much because Halloween falls on a Tuesday and TMO will be raiding as usually scheduled. We look forward to seeing you then! It'll be extra scary as we take on the Muramite Trials!

Seru Persued

October 27, 2016 - written by Zephon at 5:09 • 0 Comments

Revenge on the Arx

The Fall of the Combine Empire

Tsaph Katta, emperor of the troubled combine was holding a grand state banquet.

Almost all nations and tribes were in attendance. The dwarven, gnomish, and elven allies all had ambassadors on hand as did the belligerent Teir'Dal. Even the ogres and trolls were represented. All who received an invitation felt compelled to attend, such was the might and the power of the Combine.

As the guests entered the banquet hall, Katta was there to receive them. One guest came with a smile on his lips and poison in his hand. He had dusted his glove with empolomine, a slow-killing, hallucination-inducing drug. The guest extended his hand as Tsaph welcomed him to the banquet. With the handshake the fate of the Combine was changed.

Katta's reaction was more rapid and violent then most and he collapsed during the dinner, appearing as one possessed. Possessed by evil, some muttered.

The banquet hall was cleared, and only a trusted few were allowed to remain.
As Katta lay on the floor, dying, he spoke his last breath into the ear of his closest advisor, a fellow bard named Lcea. The druids then came and wove stasis spells to keep him alive, and put a deep sleep charm on him so that he would not have to endure pain and suffering. Then the elves of the forest came and took Tsaph away, to hide him within their realm so that no further attempts on his life would be possible.

As soon as word spread around the world that Katta was dead, the Combine Empire broke into a thousand tainted pieces. The petty arguments that had shattered the world before his coming resumed with even more passion. The elves continued to keep watch over the resting-place of Tsaph Katta while a few loyal officials , led precariously by Lcea, fortified the Loyalists last remnants.

The suspect? The once loyal Paladin of the Combine, who would come to be known as Lord Inquistor Seru.

Halloween Costume Contest

It's that special time of year when the gossamer veil between our world and the realm of the dead is at it's thinnest! Come particpate in our special Halloween Costume Contest. The most spooktacular submission will walk away with a icon Krono we just stole from race 11 class 13 Kaizo's account and there is nothing scary about that! The rules are just as loose as you'd expect coming from race 8 class 1 Snoogie: your IRL costume, in-game character, pet or childrens are all acceptable so get to submitting!

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