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Akhevan Nights

January 29, 2017 - written by Zephon at 3:59 • 2 Comments

Vex Thal - "Heart of Shadow"

The first and greatest of the goddess Luclin’s creations were the giant four-armed immortals called the Akheva.

Guardians of the moon, their powers were unchallenged by any other lunar race and they ruled a vast section of the moon’s dark side, in the region today known as the Maiden’s Eye. There, they built a mighty citadel called Ka Vethan.

For ages, they remained the most powerful force on the moon of Luclin, served by numerous other races (most notably the Centi clan of the tegi, who crafted many of the Akhevans’ greatest weapons).

Yet eventually the Akheva’s great culture fell, as so many do, because of greed and violence. The Akhevan high priestess, Akelha’ra, created a twin from her own blood and shadow. This twin, called Atenha’Ra, was to aid in the administration of Akhevan affairs. However, in the end all she brought was destruction.

In those days, the Akheva spoke a language called the Fleshless Tongue. While outsiders might learn to understand a handful of words, this language in its entirety is utterly incomprehensible to ordinary mortals. Yet many Akheva at that time chose to communicate directly with mortals in their own languages. Atenha’Ra, devoted to the service of Luclin and utterly convinced of Akhevan superiority, demanded that the practice be stopped and that

Akheva speak only the Fleshless Tongue. Akelha’ra resisted, and the Akheva began to split into rival factions.

Though to outsiders this might have seemed a trivial cause for conflict, to the Akheva it was a matter of deadly seriousness, and in time the rivalry between the followers of the two priestesses exploded into open warfare. The factions fought viciously, the members of each claiming that they were the true servants of the goddess.

The conflict raged for many years, and many Akheva perished. At long last, the priestess Atenha’Ra prayed to Luclin and summoned a great storm to destroy her rivals.

She got far more than she bargained for — the resulting tempest blasted the region and scoured it of life. Akelha’ra and many of her faction perished in the cataclysm, but in the end the war had no real victor, for both sides were devastated. As the storm subsided, Atenha’Ra led her people from the place, now called the Maiden’s Scar, and founded the citadel of Vex Thal. Those still loyal to Akelha’ra’s cause remained behind in the Maiden’s Scar, inhabiting the ruins of their old temple.

The rivalry between the two factions continues today, but neither has the numbers or the will to march on the other. Just the same, the rival strongholds — the Akheva Ruins and the deadly citadel of Vex Thal — remain two of the most dangerous places on the moon of Luclin.

Keepers of the Fleshless Tongue

Well holy shit! This completes our Tour of Luclin Series. It looks like we beat EverQuest.

Miss the rest of the ass-whoppings we handed out across Norrath's tidally locked satellite? Don't know your Tashakhi's from your T’sharnell's? Trying to figure out why everyone thinks this Seru dude is such a jerk? Check out the rest of our Tour of Luclin coverage!

Oh My GoD

After months of protest, appeals and resilient affirmations of intent, Gamebreak Games has reversed their stance on combining Gates of Discord and Omens of War! We will now be able to experience the expansion that John Smedley called, "SOE's worst mistake in five years," pure and unadulterated. In addition the full timeline for 2017 has been released:

Planes of Power & Legacy of Ykesha – Weds, February 1, 2017
Lost Dungeons of Norrath – Weds, April 26, 2017
Gates of Discord – Weds, July 19, 2017
Omens of War – Weds, September 13, 2017
Dragons of Norrath – Weds, December 6, 2017
Expansion content unlocks on Phinigel are scheduled for 2PM pacific time (5PM EST "Guild Time") on the day they’re to occur, unless there’s a reason the team needs to change a specific expansion unlock.

Ready to PoP!

Looking at the schedule, I noticed that it looks like Planes of Power is coming out in just a few short days. Can you believe it? It's too bad. I was really enjoying clearing the same bullshit trash for hours on end week in and out in Vex Thal! Truly thrilling content. 

Members should check out the awesome flagging guide race 6 class 14 Nildrach has put together for us at planes.themysticorder.com

Our aggresive raid schedule can be found at the top of that guide as well so check out the plans for the planes! TMO has built up incredible momentum over the past couple expansions and we fully intend to push that even harder coming into Planes of Power.

Thank you all for being a part of it and enjoying Luclin together. I personally found a new appreciation for this expansion that saw me quit the first time around and that's in no small measure due to the community we have here. Looking forward to PoPing super hard with all my favorite foxy ladies and cuteboys!

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