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Close the Gate - Time for War!

September 13, 2017 - written by Zephon at 2:28 • 0 Comments

Heeding the Omens

The Mystic Order closes the door on Gates of Discord and boldly heads into Omens of War!

Omens of War - TMO 

The slave trader Tunat'Muram Cuu Vauax, who came to Norrath for our people, is defeated. We’ve spent the last few months plundered his coffers and leveraged every ounce of his armor and weapon technology to strengthen our guild. While the Priests of Discord diligently worked to reverse engineer the rifts used to bring him to our world.

This week we broke through and found that Tunat’Muram was just the tip of the iceberg. As we stumbled into the destroyed world of Kuua we found the remains of the once strong and proud Dragorn. Who originally inhabited these lands but had since been decimated and enslaved by Lord Mata Muram’s forces.

Mata Muram has transformed this land into a harsh training ground to mold his forces into a deadly legion for chaos. We will face his trials to gain our immunity and once we’ve broken through his barrier to Anguish, we shall show Mata Muram the consequences for setting his target on Norrath.

If you have what it takes and would like to join us in destroying Anguish and teaching Mata Muram who The Mystic Order are please contact someone from our officer team (Meeseeks, Ginix, Naginni, Dailor, or Raxdin).

We are currently recruiting skilled players who are level 68+ with 150+ AAs with preference given to Clerics and Enchanters.

Come join us! Especially if you're a cleric :)


Monday Night Fights​ (and some Tuesday tue)

May 6, 2016 - written by Zephon at 1:04 • 0 Comments

Monday Night Fights

After our massive success in the planes, and with more yellow text under our belts, we decided it was time that we added another click stick to the guild. With time to spare on our official raid time we decided to make our way to the Burning Woods. There we faced off against an ancient Fire Spirit. He kindly relinquished his scepter to us. Additionally, we picked up some gloves. Now only one fight remains. And big spoilers; it's the same spirit  as we did battle with in the Burning Woods. We'll be seeing you in Skyfire Ragefire.

Ixiblat Burning Woods

Next, we made our way to the Fallen City once known as TorsisThere are we dispatched the Ancient King who turned his back on his God and his people. A little exposition later and we had yet another Shaman Epic for our wonderful member race 13 class 12 Khoal. Congratulations on your icon Spear of Fate. You can now Pierce the Veil and be one with the true spirits.


Tuesday's raid was a lot of fun and I believe a true example of our new power. We quickly and efficiently demolished both dragons and called the raid a full two hours early.

race 0 class 12 Ryder decided that his character should look a little bit more like him in real life and added a guild first icon Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch. This was also the highest dkp we've ever seen spent on an item. Big congratulations to race 0 class 12 Ryder.

Nagafen Loot

Cash Camps!

Having vanquished our targets in a mere two hours The Guild was released to do as they choose. It was excellent to see The Guild break into several experience and cash camps as well as several others playing alts. We've had some great new successes on the leveling front special shout-out to myself, race 13 class 7 Zephon, , and race 7 class 10 Xita on level 60! Outside of the big 6 -O we had many other levels achieved by our members. Our most recent raids have had an average level of 57. This is excellent to see and I love the progress. On the flip side many of us have started alts and are in the process of leveling them. We also have many new recruits that are joining us after seeing just how much fun we're having. Due to this we have a brand-new budding leveling guild happening alongside our raiding. This makes me incredibly happy. I'm also seeing more users active at all hours. I'm very happy to see the Euro spot fill out and our guild become full on 24/7 kick ass!

Permissions? Please sir, may I have another?

In related news we have added a new permissions level to The Guild of Prospect. A Prospect is someone who we have tagged in the guild or are otherwise under review but have not yet applied and thus have not been made a recruit. This allows us to invite anyone who is interested and then gauge their engagement and make an educated move from there. We are also working on providing more members with invitation rights so that you can invite people you meet that you think could be a great match!

Alongside this, recruitment efforts have started in earnest. worked diligently on our recruitment page and we are really happy with the system. We were finally comfortable on advertising ourselves on the Daybreak forum. I expect we'll be seeing an increase in our already impressive application load.

Form of the Forums

A lot has also happened with the website. Our forms continue their facelift and are really starting to look nice. There's a ton more content out there so please make sure you visit it! We are also now tracking in the DKP system every kill so you can see what mobs you were there for and which ones you weren't. I've also added item tooltips to the forms so you can add them to your posts via bbcode. Click here for more information on that. We've also posted everything we know about the release timeline here.

Like it?

Then Like It! Or +1 it, or whatever! It all helps.

Join TMO

So I better get back to the game! We're in the middle of our Sky raid and I suspect tonight will be the night we finish it!

Prince of Pwnt

May 2, 2016 - written by Zephon at 10:53 • 0 Comments


So just a quick recap before I head into the awesome news and fun yellow text. We've sold our first Shaman Epic MQ and began our Guild Bank. has been working his butt off to set up our banking system. He's created a new account, new characters, and we put together an awesome management system on the website. Check out the Guild Bank under the Guild tab on the main page for more information. Much more to come on that! As I said we are able to sell a Shaman MQ to make some money. Last night a small group made their way into the plain of fear and we obtained another three tears. We are also on the verge of finishing the quest for two of our newer Shamans. I also want to say congratulations to race 0 class 10 Reclusive and several other of our members on their newly obtained Epic! Additionally, I'll try and I'll talk about this more in my sky portion, I obtained the guild first duck stick! The Guild has also been doing a great job of farming various resist gear. We are able to score some nice icon Wurm Scale Coat.


Are most recent Sky raid was a lot of fun! We pushed off our cut-off time a little bit and were able to down the spiroc Lord. The keeper of souls was nice enough to drop two capes for us and after a quick run to the plane of sky we are able to push both Stefan and malekith into epic striking Zone. We are also obtained many pieces for both Sky gear and epic items.

Loot eventicon17Thursday (Thursday 20160428), April 28, 2016

icon Black Silk Cape - race 13 class 7 Zephon, 0 DKP
icon Small Shield - race 11 class 13 Armagheadon, 20 DKP
icon Spiroc Wingblade - race 0 class 13 Trumph, 0 DKP


Tonight we fulfilled our destiny and reduced the Prince of Hate to bumbling pile of fat loot. I mean just check out this yellow text!

The fight went phenomenally well and I can tell everybody learned a lot from our previous attempts. Thank you so much it was a lot of fun.

Video Here!

Inny or Outtie? And why?

May 1, 2016 - written by Zephon at 11:43 • 0 Comments


Due to having several members out on the lam we definitely had less-than-ideal numbers for our Tuesday night Slaughter Fest. Although our original target was to hit Naggy first, our insightful raid leader, race 13 class 6 Kaizoku, identified that perhaps we should redirect and return once all you late night weirdos arrived. With that we made our way to the Plane of Hate. We heard it was quite hateful this time of year. Although we all had dragons on our mind quickly we discovered just how beneficial this raid would be. What none of us could have guessed was just how far we'd go. By the time we looked around at all of the fallen corpses beneath our feet and all the new gear adorning our members we decided we have the confidence to wager our force against the Prince of Hate himself. Not even the over gods at Daybreak Dames seemed to know exactly what we could expect from this God going through his changes. You see, after making an underwhelming appearance the Prince decided to take a three-week holiday from the whole Hate thing. Once he returned, rumors abound that he did so with all the might he enjoyed during the era of the Planes of Power. Many questioned what to expect but none of us would know until the mighty  race 13 class 6 DeadlyFist, acting as a former representative of Quellious, engaged the father of the Dark Elf. We found his determination was quite comparable to our own as it overwhelmed us whilst only a quarter of his life remained. After a quick recoup we issued our mulligan, yet disappointingly with only 11% of his will remaining he became the victor in our war of attrition.

Our time together coming to a close, we left with a bittersweet taste in our mouths. We did not forget all the success we enjoyed, the fun that was had, race 13 class 6 DeadlyFist steadfast determination in his ability (or lack thereof) to split the ancient god from his cleric, and all the loot we returned to Norrath with.

Before I created my astral portal out of the realm of the god I noticed a poorly crafted flyer on the ground upon reading its contents, my resolve was hardened that we must whipe this hate from the face of our universe. Well, at least for 6.5 days. I'll share this snippet with you and I'm sure you'll agree:

Innoruuk, TMO, Hate

New Blood

Of course every real God attempt requires a sacrifice. There must always be one willing to shoulder this burden for the guild. Unfortunately willing sacrificial lambs are hard to come by so we enacted our Guild Authority to issue some well-earned hazing for one of our newest members, Rognbok. He honorably offered himself up to our rival as our senior members recollected about their first time and how much it hurt. Hopefully we instilled some haste into our Majestic Leader, Chad, to level so he is not the next we offer up on a silver platter. You can check out the video of the sacrifice and our first attempt right here and I highly recommend it because it's quite hilarious. I definitely learned a lot on this first attempt and made some serious corrections for our second but there are still improvements to make and I feel confident we will be successful on our next attempt. Additionally we've received a few other excellent applications that are now available for viewing, commenting, and voting on. All members are highly encouraged to seek out to assist and group with our new recruits to ensure they are a good cultural fit. We have also been in discussion with a couple of smaller guilds that are attempting to raid but I don't quite have the numbers. There is a possibility that we will be bringing some of these folks into the fold. All of the people I've talked to so far seem like a great match being people who loved EverQuest from the start and no one to enjoy it but have other responsibilities. If you know anybody or meet anybody that you think would make a great addition please encourage them to hop on over to themysticorder.com and apply.

Here is our first hilarious attempt on Inny:

Video Here!

Double Dragon

April 28, 2016 - written by Zephon at 2:41 • 0 Comments

Downright Double-Down Dragon Destruction!

With all of the camaraderie of Billy and Jimmy Lee we descended upon our targets with the focus of the Double Dragon. Although hampered by responsibilities of the outside world our team struck valiantly against Lord Nagafen. With steadfast determination Our Heroes vanquished their foe and obtained what can only be called the most of... mediocre loot.

This is truly the best pic I got. It's a dragon I swear! Check out the kill video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDHOkV2oaLg (sorry for the lack of audio! Will correct for next)

Regardless, our heroes now adorned in the spoils of their fallen foe, proceed against his star-crossed lover. With efficient haste the full power of TMO struck the fear into the great lady. Much fun was had but no treasure was received greater than that our heroes of lore did once procure when they did rescue lady Marian. And seriously ; how in the hell did you remember her name?

Woah! Again? Yeah... Well at least you can watch: 


Great work by everyone! I'm so excited to achieve the status of Double Dragon! So a quick recap, and then let's see who else enjoyed themselves this week with TMO:


Outside of our great achievements in the lands of Norrath, our Guild also made much progress in the world of the Wide Web. Our forms have been upgraded to a new version with a massive facelift. Snoogie laid down the funds so we were able to obtain a very professional and mobile responsive theme for our forms. Additionally we've restored the functionality to access the profile. You can now go into the forms and update your profile image, signature, social media connections, birth date, and any other information you wish to provide. And yes I did just use an Oxford comma. Tutorials on setting up your shizz is coming soon!

Recruitment has been off the chain! Many of you might be unaware but we are currently receiving 2-4 applications a day. Now I know we might not be all caught up to everyone in just these past couple weeks but I truly believe we have great momentum in the right direction. The people that are coming to us now are coming to us because they see what we can offer them in spite of their busy lifestyle. I like to goof around a lot but I have to say I'm having the most fun I've had in EverQuest in over a decade and it's all because of you!

The Death of a Dragon -- Part Two -- With and Without Skin - An Adventurer's Guide

April 19, 2016 - written by Zephon at 11:37 • 0 Comments

Hail Target,

She may have been banished by the Claws of Veeshan for her torrid love affair with Lord Nagafen, but just like her star crossed lover, Lady Vox has been banished to the TMO DKP System! That's right ya'll; Lady Vox has been felled by the might of TMO. 

Three Bard Horns?!?! What the hell is that? Anyways, grats Trumpf on his shiny new icon Runed Bolster Belt! And grats Slamfist on his 3 icon McVaxius` Horn of War - one for each orifice - am I right?

You can check out the kill shot here! Sorry for the audio! I was listening to some sweet Talking Heads and apparently the gods of Intellectual Propertry did not concur.

After that we headed up to the Plane of Fear, but no trepidation was felt as we stomped all over a_dracoliche. Mayong Mistmoore would be most pleased with our slaying of his ill-concieved wedding present.

Big grats to Thull on his shiny new icon Monsoon, Sword of the Swiftwind

Once again, the IP gods smited me, but you can check out the kill here:

What a night, what a night! The future is looking very bright for TMO! Thanks all that came out and kicked some ass!

Until next time,


Recruitment Status

April 15, 2016 - written by Snoogie at 12:03


The Mystic Order is Currently Recruiting!


The Who: 
The Mystic Order is an instanced based raiding guild on the Phinigel server, comprising of both veteran and new players. TMO has evolved throughout Phinigel's lifespan into an autonomous community that travels Norrath at a serendipitous pace; Catering to the working and family-centric player, we efficiently clear all content in each expansion while focusing on comradery and solidarity within ours and the Phinigel community!
The Details: 
(Now bulleted for your convenience!)
  • We are a raiding guild with a focus on growing and keeping quality, like-minded players (Must by lvl 65 to raid!)
  • Official raids are every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8 p.m. - 12 p.m. Eastern Time
  • We use DKP to distribute loot
  • We use Discord for voice communication raids & groups (Required!)

Because we are a community-centered raiding guild, our policies lend themselves to the benefit of that community. Some examples…
  1. Can't make it for the full 4 hours to the raid? No problem, you'll still get FULL attendance for the night as long as you're there for at least 1 boss kill
  2. Only able to raid periodically and not 3 days a week? Don't worry, you'll still get loot! We don't separate our membership into core/non-core raiders, so your bids are on equal footing as everyone else!
  3. Check out the forums at forum.themysticorder.com for more details on our Policies and DKP System
Who/What Are We Looking For?
    • Warrior - Medium
    • Paladin - Low
    • Shadow Knight - Low
    • Beastlord - Low (Moar Cats!!)
    • Berserker - Low
    • Monk - Low
    • Ranger - Low
    • Rogue - Low
    • Magician - Medium
    • Necromancer - Medium
    • Wizard - Medium
    • Bard - Medium
    • Enchanter - High
    • Cleric - High
    • Druid - High
    • Shaman - Low

Different classifications of need determine the requirements we set on that class. For instance, if the level is set to Low, we many only accept characters that have a minimum of 100AAs and have previous raid experience, etc etc.

Still Interested?

All applicants must be willing to follow TMO's Play Nice Policy.

Even though we are casual, we do enjoy having good bookkeeping, so we ask that everyone fill out an application under the Recruitment menu or Apply to TMO!!
Apply to TMO!
-- You must register and be logged in to have access / see the application --

If you have questions, feel free to talk to any of the leadership in game listed below:
Leader - Meeseeks
Officer - Ginix
Officer - Naginni
Officer - Raxdin
Officer - Zephon
Please enter your Username and Password to continue.
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